Wholesale / Private Label Inquiry

Thank you for considering us to provide you with your wholesale needs. Here is what you need to know before placing an wholesale order.

  1. The soaps we make are cold process and requires a period of 3-5 weeks to cure. This is to ensure that the soap bar is safe for skin use.

  1. After placing a wholesale order no changes or refunds can be made after 36 hours .

  1. We do not provide labels or soap boxes for private label soaps.

  1. Minimum quantity for wholesale orders is 15 units of the same product or more.

  1. Because soap mold yields a certain amount of bars you can only purchase in multiples of 15 or 20. In the past we have done orders with random units and our company ends up with extra soap bars we cannot use.

  1. After we create your invoice it will remain open for 24 hours . We cannot keep unpaid invoices open for accounting purposes.


Please fill out our contact form or send us an email at tsskinco@gmail.com if your interested in wholesaling our products.